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An integrated public relations and marketing firm

We specialise in the modern integration of Online Marketing, Online Business Developments and Public Relations with a focus on online business developments.

In this technological age, having the basic online presence in the form of a basic website, communications via email and mobile devices, social media presence (Facebook and instagram) and then online selling sites in this order of importance for the basic business to business and business to consumer needs. Such a hierarchy of online presence ( a term which is devised by us at Genenova) is a must for third parties collaborators and consumers to take one’s business with a comfortable level of confidence in the business’ products and services.

We at Genenova believe that this basic ownership of the hierarchy of online presence is a must, and it forms the basic business livelihood as a kick start for any businesses, products and services to survive. Hence, we aim to sing ( a metaphor of doing all tedious things with enjoyment) to life your new businesses, new products and new services with the aim of generating revenue streams.

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