Enhanced Matchmaking Using DNA with visually appealing GENEtribe zodiac-like symbols, GENEheart and C-Score

GENEmate produces 2 deliverables

  • GENEtribe

    1. 8 tribes to represent each gene type
    2. It is recommended that soulmate should look for someone from another tribe
  • GENEheart

    1. Solo - soulmate own heart
    2. Paired - combining the hearts of 2 soulmates

Our Most Interesting Product yet

  • GENEmate allows us to ascertain with scientific accuracy the degree of compatibility between individuals by comparing their DNA analysis!
  • In order for matching to be completed, we need to compare the genes between 2 persons for this to work.
  • Your saliva sample will be collected and sent for sequencing and our team will conduct the analysis. Since this is an intricate process, the entire processing time may take up to 3 weeks for completion.